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Month: March 2012

Japan Studio 2012 Joint Midterm Review

We hosted a midterm review at University of Tokyo joined by 9 schools from US, Europe and Asia.

Participating schools:

University of Tokyo
Princeton University
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
University of Hong Kong
Columbia University
California College of the Arts
Tsinghua University
Osaka Sangyo University
Nagoya institute of Technology

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Site Visit 3

Tokyo Architectural Boat Tour

We went to a boat trip to see a face of Tokyo which can only be seen from rivers. The trip was organized by Prof. Jinnai from Hosei University and also joined by Ken Oshima of Washington University and Prof. Mark Mulligan of Harvard GSD. We have seen many places in Tokyo, but from the river, the city looked quite different. Thank you Prof. Jinnai for organizing the trip!

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Site Visit 2

We visited the world’s largest Storm Water Discharge Tunnel which prevents flooding disasters. A giant tunnel connects many small rivers with Edo River, Tokyo’s major river, helping to reduce a potential overflow into residential areas during major storms.  The tunnel was HUGE! It is also know as Underground Temple.