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François Roche Workshop, Schizoid 2.0/

Francois Roche gave a 3-day workshop titled, Schizoid 2.0/ BOTTOMup[Vs]TOPdown
The workshop brief states as ‘The Workshop on several days at Tokyo University will be the occasion to re‐question two processes of urbanism, of politic, as a Chimera between;
1. One from a top down management, where everything is previously anticipated and controlled, in terms of master planning and design…
2. The other one which integrates a degree of tolerance, of loophole, in terms of individual and collective strategy of urban mutation and self‐organization.
The purpose is to develop a schizoid urban structure in an emerging city (BKK, Sao Paulo, Ho‐Chi‐Minh,…even in Japan if a location is able to fit with the research) which extracts its logic, morphologies and uses, from the recognition of this schizoid dimension.’

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