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T_ADS is pleased to welcome Thomas Weaver, Editor at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Join us in Room 415 on Wednesday, March 14 at 3:00 PM for Tom’s lecture, This Has Killed That.

Abstract: This lecture explores architecture’s recent and not so recent infatuation with books and publications and suggests how this has challenged the primacy of the building in architectural discourse. A parallel narrative will present one particular publication – the AA School of Architecture’s long-running journal AA Files – through which various orthodoxies of writing and mediating architecture will be simultaneously historicised and questioned.

Bio: Thomas Weaver is an architectural writer, teacher and editor. Educated at the Bartlett School of Architecture and then at Princeton University, he subsequently worked as editor of ANY magazine in New York and taught courses in architectural theory and design at the Cooper Union. Since 2007 he has worked at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, where he edits the award-winning journal AA Files and manages all of the AA’s other publications, together with visiting lectureships in schools of architecture across Europe.

Robot Arm Workshop

Today, we have a robot arm workshop.


We generated a series of commands for the robot arm with Rhinoceros+Grasshopper.

Then we made the robot arm cut some pieces of foam with a heat-wire.


Toca Exhibition in Engineering Bldg. 11

Toca Panel and Process Exhibition in Eng. Bldg. 11 at Hongo Campus was open to public today. Come and learn about the research behind soon-to-be-finished 2015 DFL Pavilion as well as to see images from its radically innovative construction, updated daily! 

Mo—Fri 7—19.00

Lecture: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Founder, Atelier Bow-Wow

Please join us in room 415 on Thursday, November 26th for a lecture entitled “How Behaviors can be Resources for Commonality-based Space Design” by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture and Building Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and his wife Momoyo Kajima founded architecture firm Atelier Bow-Wow in 1992. The Tokyo-based practice is renowned for their domestic, commercial and cultural architecture and theories, especially their work surrounding the concept “Behaviorology.” The firm has also championed the experimental project “Micro-Public-Space,” which has been exhibited across the globe. The pair has published 11 books, including the Pet Architecture Guidebook, which documents small buildings situated in tiny locations all over Tokyo. Tsukamoto is the associate professor in the Graduate School of Architecture and Building Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Most recently, he was the architect for the BMW Guggenheim Lab in New York, Berlin, and Mumbai.

Bio excerpted from:

TOCA Pavilion Construction Week 2

Here are images of the TOCA pavilion’s progress. While the geometry of the pavilion is guided by a QR code-based scanning and visualization system, its structure is monitored, analyzed, and updated with a real-time feedback system.