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Category: Publication

Forty-Five: Arms Race (publication)

Obuchi lab has been published in Forty-Five, A Journal of Outside Research. Forty-Five features a variety of interesting works presented in non-conventional ways. We would like to thank Jonathan Solomon and David Hays for extending an invitation to submit an article.

The article, Arms Race, discusses the development of the stick dispensing machine used for the 2014 pavilion project and considers the evolution of tools from hand tools to power tools to network tools. It contextualizes the STIK project within the context of Tokyo, and introduces some of the challenges the laboratory faced when researching construction and fabrication techniques for the pavilion. The piece also includes a review by Kengo Kuma.

The full article is available for viewing and PDF download on Forty-Five’s website.

T_ADS TEXTS 01 Architectural Theory Now (issued in December, 2014)

We published a book about architectural theory last year (December, 2014). The book was written only in Japanese, but we hope to translate it into English in the near future.

Title: T_ADS TEXTS 01  これからの建築理論  Architectural Theory Now
Topic: In the present global society, what is possible in architecture? How should we share the discussion of architecture?

Chapter Contents (temporary English translations)

Foreword, Kengo Kuma
Preface, Yusuke Obuchi: Is Architectural Theory Necessary Now?

Section 1, Architectural Theory Now
Symposium, Architectural Theory Now
Fumihiko Maki 
Arata Isozaki 
Hiroshi Hara
Kengo Kuma
Hidetoshi Ohno
Manabu Chiba
Yusuke Obuchi

Essay, Manabu Chiba: What Can We Learn in Architecture?
Interview, Fumihiko Maki: Humanism: Concepts of Cities and Architecture
Essay, Hidetoshi Ohno: The Architectural Theory of Fumihiko Maki – Beyond Modernism
Interview, Arata Isozaki: A Narrative which Mixes Architecture and City
Essay, Jun Aoki: After Isozaki: The Things I Took Over and the Things I Left Behind
Interview, Hiroshi Hara: With Careful Consideration, Architecture Can Look Ahead
Essay, Kazuhiro Kojima: Things Learned from Hiroshi Hara. 

Section 2, Projection & Reception
Symposium, Projection & Reception

Brett Steele
Jeffrey Kipnis
Sylvia Lavin
Jesse Reiser
Nanako Umemoto

Interview, Reiser+Umemoto: What Sustains the Culture of Architecture?
Interview, Jeffrey Kipnis: Where Architecture Works
Interview, Sylvia Lavin: How Does a Multi-platform Approach Serve Architects?

2013 Obuchi Lab Design Thesis Books have arrived

Design teams at Obuchi Lab have compiled 2 years of their design research work into a project document book which will be submitted to the Department of Architecture for their final presentation. The document contains one team research book and a series of individual research books.  

GA Interview

Yoshio Futagawa of GA came to Obuchi Lab and interviewed Prof. Obuchi a range of issues from current projects to his background story.

Reiser + Umemoto O-14 AA Book Sale

During the Symposium on 3/17, the AA’s latest publication, O-14 Projection and Reception by Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto will be sold.  It will be autographed by the editors and contributors of the book. Limited copies will be available for first come first served.