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Month: July 2013

Kenzo Tange Symposium

This year marks the centennial anniversary of Kenzo Tange’s birth. In connection to a symposium, an exhibition is organized in the Architecture Library displaying Tange’s graduating thesis project from Tokyo University in 1938.  There are a series of events have been planned in various places in Japan to cerebrate his lifelong achievements.

The symposium was joined by Tange’s colleagues, former students, and office staff who discussed what was it like to work for him.

GA Interview

Yoshio Futagawa of GA came to Obuchi Lab and interviewed Prof. Obuchi a range of issues from current projects to his background story.

G30 Summer Pavilion Work in Progress 02

This year’s G30 Pavilion will be constructed with a series of components that are made of thin sheets of aluminum cut/weld with robotic fabrications. The welded aluminum sheets are then inflated with high-pressure air, making the components into 3D form.

In addition to material research in computational fabrications, we are experimenting with its assembly system. Instead of putting the components on site piece by piece, all of them are linked together to create a 2D surface first and then lifted with a series of cables to form a 3D shell structure. The assembly process is analogous to the way puppets are performed by a hand.