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Category: Lab Life

Midterm Review Event with Princeton University and Nagoya Institute of Technology

On Nov. 2nd, T_ADS hosted a midterm review event with Jesse Reiser’s studio from Princeton University. The review was joined by Keisuke Kitagawa’s studio from Nagoya Institute of Technology. Students are working on alternative designs for the New National Olympic Stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Architectural curator Kayoko Ota and landscape architect Shunsaku Miyagi joined the review as invited guest critics.

In Progress: 2015 DFL Research Pavilion

The prototyping phase for 2015 DFL Research Pavilion is under way. The proposed structure is made out of polyurethane foam deployed three-dimensionally by an originally designed hand-held tool. The research navigates between human craftsmanship and mechanical precision, mediated by computation technology. The students are engaged in constructing a large-scale maquette to test variables before the final construction of the final pavilion in November. Stay tuned.


The 2015 SPL pavilion will soon be complete. The structure is made out of carbon fiber strand rods and spandex (a stretchable membrane). There will be an opening event on July 15. The event is all about the possibility of carbon fiber as architectural material for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Joint-Workshop with Princeton

Every year, T_ADS and Princeton School of Architecture organize joint-workshops for cross-exchange of architectural history, theory and concepts. This year, the joint-workshops centered around the theoretical texts by Hiroshi Hara, Arata Isozaki, and Fumihiko Maki, followed by student visits to their office and intimate interviews. The scenes below are from the reading group discussion before visiting the architects.

May 8, 2015: DFL (1st year students) Mid-Term Review with Sponsor, Takenaka Corporation

On May 8, 1st year students in Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) had their mid-term review, which was joined by this year’s pavilion sponsor, Takenaka Corporation. We were also joined by collaborators Prof. Igarashi (computer science) and Prof. Sato (structural engineering), and there were lively and informative exchanges between all participants. The participants from Takenaka Corporation asked many pointed questions from pragmatic, construction-centric perspectives. Students will incorporate the points raised throughout the review into their final pavilion designs and proposals. 

From this point onwards, together with Igarashi-Lab, Sato-Lab, and Takenaka Corporation, we will select one direction, and 1st year students in DFL will work collectively on one pavilion project. Stay tuned for which pavilion will get built this year!