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Category: Lectures

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Site Visit 2

We visited the world’s largest Storm Water Discharge Tunnel which prevents flooding disasters. A giant tunnel connects many small rivers with Edo River, Tokyo’s major river, helping to reduce a potential overflow into residential areas during major storms.  The tunnel was HUGE! It is also know as Underground Temple.

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Site Visit 1

We visited the world’s largest glass manufacturer, Asahi Glass, located in Ibaraki Prefecture just north of Tokyo.  The company has 4 large-scale factories in Japan, and the one we visited produces glass sheets mainly used for architectural applications, i.e., windows, doors, skylights and glass roofs. The factory was so big that we had to take a bus to move from one facility to next. Sadly we could not take any pictures inside the factory….

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Lecture Series 4

Azby Brown from Kanazawa Institute of Technology joined us and spoke his latest book ‘Just Enough’. The main focus of the book is about the ecological network developed during the  17th and 18th centuries in Tokyo.

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Lecture Series 3

We visited Blest Co., a company invented a machine which turns plastic waste into gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other refined oil. We had a great talk by Akinori Ito, the president of Blest, who started up his company 9 years ago. His vision is to transform the public perception of trash not as waste but as future resources. This machine is now sold in many developing countries where plastic waste has become environmental hazard.

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Lecture Series 2

Prof. Jun Sato from University of Tokyo spoke to G30 and Harvard GSD Tokyo Program students about design culture of structural engineering in Japan. He works with young Japanese architects like So Fujimoto and Jun Ishigami, and explores to integrate Japanese tradition and latest technological innovations through the development of structural and material behaviours. 

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Lecture Series 1

G30 students and students from Harvard GSD Tokyo Program are joined by Morinosuke Kawaguchi, a technology consultant, who discussed the future of technology and how Japanese custom and subculture could help the direction of technological innovation.


Joined by Rem Koolhaas and Kengo Kuma, a Dutch designer, Petra Blaisse, gave a lecture at University of Tokyo last weekend. Petra Blaisse presented her projects which covered a wide range of scales and design fields including landscape architecture, interior design and textile design. She is fonder of InsideOutside, a creative design office based in Amsterdam.