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Category: Pavilion

Pavilion Team

G30 Obuchi Lab + Digital Fabrication Lab
Prof. Yusuke Obuchi, Prof. Kengo Kuma, Prof. Jun Sato

Project Team
Jeep Prinya Nurongthanuvath, Taichi Kuma, Akinori Hamada, Deli Zhao, Olesia Biloborodko

Colin Lin Xuhao, Chong Wang, Maung Htoo, Yasemin Sahiner, Shuang Li, Maria Larsson
Ana Ilic, Guillaume Dumont, Dasom Lee, Yuta Ito, Ryo Saito, Lin Wang, Dana Milea

Minimal Surface Pavilion Construction Part 4

We have successfully transported our first Obuchi Lab+Digital Fabrication Lab full-scale project from our campus to the heart of Shinjuku’s Kabukicho MOA Street, and finished reassembling it as we planned (with unexpected rain towards the end). The pavilion is open to the public from October 15 to October 23, 2011.

Minimal Surface Pavilion Construction Part 3

We have been busy constructing a pavilion for the upcoming event in Shinjuku, Tokyo. We started designing the pavilion in mid August, and ever since, we’ve been working non-stop to materialize our design. We will upload more images of actual installation in Shinjuku in the coming days.

Minimal Surface Pavilion

Minimal Surface Pavilion
As an attempt to create a structure as light as possible while generating a complex spatial geometry, a shrink-wrap membrane was used as tension element connecting two independent rings together. The concept of Minimal Surface Pavilion was conceived as urban furniture providing a place to sit and to gather for passerby.