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Category: Lectures

Lecture by Janette Kim

Room for Debate

Lecture by Janette Kim

Date: 8/7, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Location: Obuchi Lab, Room 416

Janette will discuss how headphones, a map, a guidebook, and a big styrofoam wall can start a public dialog about urban life, in real time. Janette’s work focuses on design and ecology in relationship to public representation, interest, and debate. 

Janette Kim is a designer, critic and educator based in New York City. She is a faculty member at Columbia University GSAPP, where she directs the Applied Research Practices in Architecture department, and the Urban Landscape Lab. Janette is principal of All of the Above, a research and design practice.

François Roche Workshop, Schizoid 2.0/

Francois Roche gave a 3-day workshop titled, Schizoid 2.0/ BOTTOMup[Vs]TOPdown
The workshop brief states as ‘The Workshop on several days at Tokyo University will be the occasion to re‐question two processes of urbanism, of politic, as a Chimera between;
1. One from a top down management, where everything is previously anticipated and controlled, in terms of master planning and design…
2. The other one which integrates a degree of tolerance, of loophole, in terms of individual and collective strategy of urban mutation and self‐organization.
The purpose is to develop a schizoid urban structure in an emerging city (BKK, Sao Paulo, Ho‐Chi‐Minh,…even in Japan if a location is able to fit with the research) which extracts its logic, morphologies and uses, from the recognition of this schizoid dimension.’

Lecture by Francois Roche

Francois Roche will lecture on Apr. 17th at the University of Tokyo.

François Roche is the principal of New-Territories (R&Sie(n) / [eIf/bʌt/c]). He is based in Bangkok for [eIf/bʌt/c], in Paris for R&Sie(n) and in NY with his studio of research at Graduate School of Architecture, Plannin and Preservation (GSAPP), Columbia University.
Through these different structures, his architectural works and protocols seek to articulate the real and/or fictional, the geographic situations and narrative structures that can transform them.

Lecture by Holger Kehne

Holger Kehne of Plasma Studio will lecture on Mar.4th at the University of Tokyo. Holger Kehne studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Muenster, Germany and at the University of East London. He is a former Unit Master of Diploma School at the Architectural Association in London, Guest Professor for design, MArch2 programme at the University of Hong Kong, and Honorary Professor at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology in China.

Lecture by Achim Menges

Achim Menges will lecture on 2/15.  Achim will discuss his research work which focuses on the development of integral design processes at the intersection of morphogenetic design computation, biomimetic engineering and computer aided manufacturing that enables a highly articulated, performative built environment. His work is based on an interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with structural engineers, computer scientists, material scientists and biologists.
Achim Menges has been Visiting Professor in Architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (2009-10), at the AA School of Architecture in London (2009-current) and at Rice University in Houston (2004).

Lecture by Yoshio Futagawa

Yoshio Futagawa, chief editor of GA Document and GA Houese, will give a lecture titled, POINT OF VIEW.

Date: 2/8/2013, 17:30 – 19:30
Location: Department of Architecture Lecture Hall (Room15)

Lecture: Guy Nordenson + Mutsuro Sasaki

Joint lecture by Guy Nordenson and Mutsuro Sasaki. Guy Nordenson is a structural engineer and professor of architecture at Princeton University; Mutsuro Sasaki is a structural engineer and professor at Hosei University.
Guy and Muturo worked with Japanese architects in the last decades, including Sanna, Toyo Ito, Arata Isozaki, and will be discussing their collaborative design processes. 
Date: 1/24/2013, 18:30 – 20:30
Location: Department of Architecture, Lecture Hall (Room 15)

Lecture by Klaas de Rycke

Lecture by Klaas de Rycke on May 7, 13:00 – 14:30.

Klaas is a managing director of Bollinger + Grohmann, Paris, and has worked together with SANAA and RDAI as a structural engineer.
His lecture title is Geometry Topology Materiality; the structural parameters in a collaborative design approach.

Lecture by Jonathan Solomon

Coinciding with Jonathan Solomon’s latest publication, Cities Without Ground, a book that maps the complex three-dimensional connectivity of Hong Kong’s pedestrian passageways, this lecture explores general conditions of the aformal through specific exploration of three buildings in Hong Kong that while outside mainstream histories of the city’s development exhibit unique qualities and three architectural proposals that exacerbate them.

Obuchi Lab + Harvard GSD Tokyo Site Visit 3

Tokyo Architectural Boat Tour

We went to a boat trip to see a face of Tokyo which can only be seen from rivers. The trip was organized by Prof. Jinnai from Hosei University and also joined by Ken Oshima of Washington University and Prof. Mark Mulligan of Harvard GSD. We have seen many places in Tokyo, but from the river, the city looked quite different. Thank you Prof. Jinnai for organizing the trip!