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Month: May 2011

Post Tsunami Zones

Obuchi Lab and Kengo Kuma Lab visited areas destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. Although all of us have seen those places on the news more than a hundred times, but seeing them in real was an overwhelming experience. The magnitude of devastations was absolutely beyond words.

Symposium at Sendai Mediatheque

G30 students joined a symposium at Sendai Mediatheque, which was slightly damaged by the earthquake and has been closed to the public. Mediatheque was opened for only a few hours to hold an event organized by Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma, Kazuyo Sejima, Riken Yamamoto and Hiroshi Naito to discuss future activities proposed by those five architects. The event was packed with people from local communities and students from universities around Sendai.

Post Super Review

Lab life of G30 studio after Super Review in New York and Princeton. Images include Deans Day BBQ at Princeton University, office visit to Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto’s office, Glass House by Kengo Kuma, street of Chinatown and unknown food in New York City.

Super Review at Princeton University

After 1.5 months form the earthquake, we have begun to pick up the pace again on our design research project. This term’s our focus is to develop a prototype for synthetic urban ecology in Tokyo, creating a new kind of infrastructure and architecture. Although, we have not yet completed our project, we traveled to New York and joined a final review – called super review – at Princeton and Colombia also joined by Tsingha University from Beijing.