Lecture: Performative Morphology in Architecture Speaker: Achim Menges, Architect, Professor at University of Stuttgart, Director of Institute on Computational Design February 15, 2013 (Friday) 18:00-20:00

Achim Menges’ work focuses on the development of integral design processes at the intersection of morphogenetic design computation, biomimetic engineering and computer aided manufacturing that enables a highly articulated, performative built environment. His work is based on an interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with structural engineers, computer scientists, material scientists and biologists.

Achim Menges has been Visiting Professor in Architecture at Harvard University’ s Graduate School of Design (2009-10), at the AA School of Architecture in London (2009-current) and at Rice University in Houston (2004).

yoshio futagawa lecture university of tokyo advanced design studies

Lecture: Point of View Speaker: Yoshio Futagawa February 8, 2013 (Friday) 17:30-19:30