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Category: Pavilion

Toca Exhibition in Engineering Bldg. 11

Toca Panel and Process Exhibition in Eng. Bldg. 11 at Hongo Campus was open to public today. Come and learn about the research behind soon-to-be-finished 2015 DFL Pavilion as well as to see images from its radically innovative construction, updated daily! 

Mo—Fri 7—19.00

TOCA Pavilion Construction Week 2

Here are images of the TOCA pavilion’s progress. While the geometry of the pavilion is guided by a QR code-based scanning and visualization system, its structure is monitored, analyzed, and updated with a real-time feedback system.


Scaffoldings are ready. QR codes in place. Construction is about to officially begin for the 2015 T_ADS TOCA Pavilion!

In Progress: 2015 DFL Research Pavilion

The prototyping phase for 2015 DFL Research Pavilion is under way. The proposed structure is made out of polyurethane foam deployed three-dimensionally by an originally designed hand-held tool. The research navigates between human craftsmanship and mechanical precision, mediated by computation technology. The students are engaged in constructing a large-scale maquette to test variables before the final construction of the final pavilion in November. Stay tuned.