• Amy Saraya
  • Xu Minjie


  • Yusuke Obuchi

Course Assistants

  • Toshikatsu Kiuchi

Used coffee grounds are collected from Tokyo’s coffee shops. The grounds are aggregated and solidified into components before being used as odor-absorbing architecture to transform alleyways.


Used coffee grounds are the raw material for the proposal. There are many coffee shops in Tokyo, and these grounds could be aggregated on an urban scale to produce a new resource.


The coffee grounds, when collected, are solidified and created into a component. The components are organized together into box-like formations to create architecture.


The architecture creates a unique gathering space that intends to transform Tokyo’s alleyways.


The architecture, in addition to being visually interesting, is also odor-absorbing due to the coffee content of the proposal. This aids in creating a more pleasant experience in alleys.


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